Jacques Billaudeau Marriage and Family

Jacques Billaudeau Marriage and Family

“Our French Canadian Ancestors”, Book 13, by Thomas J. Laforest, and Collection nos Ancêtres, By Jacques Saintonge,Sainte-Anne de Beaupré QC.

Jacques Billaudeau had been married for almost two years when he received his concession from Charles de Lauson- Charny. The marriage was registered at Quebec on 28 October 1654, but the ceremony took place in the house of the Sieur de la Ferté (11). It was there we learn that Jacques was the son of Pierre Billaudeau and of Jeanne Fleurie, and that the bride, Geneviéve Longschamps (sometimes spelled Deslongschamps), was the daughter of Pierre and of Marie Desanter. The document does not indicate the couple’s place of origin, but the list of those confirmed on 2 February 1660 at Château-Richer, says that Jacques, before coming to Canada, had lived in the region of Poitiers, but gave no further details (12).

It seems that all the Billaudeau-Longschamps children were born on the Ile d’Orléans, between 1656 and 1664. The baptismal record for Simon in 1662, has been found at Chateau-Richer; as for the others, it is necessary to rely on the approximate age mentioned in the various censuses. On this subject, let us note the local census of the arriére-fief of Charny-Lirec, which Charles de Lauson produced on 26 April 1661 (13).

This list counts forty property owners settled: ”from the boundary of Louis D’ailleboust Sr de Coulonges going step by step Towards Quebec”… ”Until the lands of Damlle Eleonore de grandmaison and her Children except for what was given to the RR MM Hospitaliéres and Ursulines & to Sr René Maheu And the depth from the north bank Including the sandbanks and the Islets As far as the Road or line which must cut the said Isle from Point to point ”. (sic)

Jacques Billaudeau’s land was then situated between that of the associates Antoine Pépin dit Lachance and Jacques Asselin, and that of Claude Charlan dit Francoeur.

The Billaudeau family was listed in the census twice in 1666 on the Ile d’Orléans (14). First they were noted as being between the lands of Nicolas Godeboust and Gabriel Gausselin, then between those of Jean Charpentier and Jacques Meneux. We note other slight variations (errors) in the ages and names between the two recordings. At that time two servants helped our pioneer who undoubtedly had great need of them: Jean Le Vasseur and Claude Febvre (15).

The census of 1667, which replaced that of 1666, was more explicit and undoubtedly more accurate. Therein it says that Jacques was 35 years old and Geneviéve 28; their children were Louise, 11; Jacques, 10; Jean, 9; Antoine, 8; Simon, 5; and Gabriel, 3. The stable sheltered six animals, and 25 arpents were under cultivation. This time their immediate neighbors were Abel Turquot and Antoine Pépin dit Lachance (16).

The Billaudeau family was listed again in the census of 1681 in the county of Saint-Laurent (the new name given to the Ile d’Orléans). Jacques was now 50 years old and his wife 42. Still living in the paternal home were: Jean, 29; Antoine, 22; Simon, 18; and Gabriel, 17. Again two servants: Mathurin Labréque, 17, and a child of 9 named Robert. The family owned a gun, 30 head of cattle and now worked 40 arpents of land (17).


(11) Jean Juchereau la Ferté (1620-1685), son of Jean Juchereau de Maur et de Marie Langlois, was a member of the Sovereign Council from the beginning of this institution. He already owned land on the Isle of Orléans.
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George Bilodeau (b.1850) and Merilda (Florida) Pélerin (b. 1861)

George Bilodeau (b.1850) and Merilda (Florida) Pélerin (b. 1861)”History of Beaumont (Alberta) and District 1885-1960″ Copyright 1985

George was born 1850 in Ste-Marie de Beauce, PQ. There were brothers and they remained on a farm in Lac Megantic, PQ In 1878 he married Florida Pilgrim, born en1861, St-Evariste-de-Beauce.

Eight children were born in Quebec, on poor land, covered with rocks. George decided to get lucky in the Klondike. Clara, the youngest, was born in Alberta, they had settled Mill Creek, Edmonton.With the help of Father colonizers in 1906, they bought land at Beaumont. As they had not made a fortune in the Klondike, they took a lease for $10.00. The house, built 6 miles from the village of Beaumont, was in round timbers, floor and roof of earth. The whole family was not going to Mass on Sunday they were so poor the children had to share the pair of shoes with each other. When horses and working oxen pulled the plow and the family walked to the church, women stayed home.

Thomas, Adolphe, Amanda, Josephine, Theophilus, Edgar, Alexander, Lucy, Clara, here are the names of their children.

Poor Florida, she often thought of the comforts of Quebec. Faith, and charity hope, made her strong. George was a school trustee for several years.

Children, one after another, went to work in the neighborhood. The land was very fertile, enough to live well. The oxen disappeared, horses and machinery has replaced hand. They decided to sell their land to Alexander, who was returning from the war. They bought five acres of land south of the church where they grew potatoes which sold well in Edmonton. George died in 1921. Florida Theophilus moved with her son on earth the highest of Beaumont: 2.437 feet.

Florida gave up her soul to God in 1944.
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