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All Bilodeau’s in North America all come from a single family from new France in 1650. How do we know this? Well first, we have some amazing church records which give us a family tree which connects all the families. Second, we now can check our genes, and from that, solve mysteries that can go beyond our records even beyond written civilization. Our genes hold the pedigree to not only the origins of the Bilodeau family but to the origins of how the Bilodeau family became who we are.

I am going to write a series of posts that will hopefully help those interested to better understand the power in reading our genetic heritage.

  • What is DNA, Y Chromosome, Mitochondrial DNA, and Haplogroups?
  • How can we trace our ancestors with DNA?
  • What’s a Haplogroup and Why is the Haplogroup G2A significant?
  • Where did the Bilodeaus of France come from? Records indicate that the name Bilodeau was new to France in the 1600’s when Jacques Bilodeau came to New France. So were did we come from?
  • Bilodeaus of France, how closely related are they to the Bilodeaus of North America?
  • There are still Bilodeaus that seem to have no paper connection to the main Bilodeau line. Are they connected, and if so where?
  • COULD Bilodeau’s had Jewish Ancestery? Could our anestors been a part of the Sephardic Jews that left Spain in the 1600’s?

UPDATE – It doesn’t look like we are directly related to Jewish Ancestry. As more and more of the G Haplogroup gets documented it seems unlikely that Bilodeau’s come from a Jewish Line.

Here is the Reasoning – Credit Daniel Bilodeau

From the information that I’ve (Daniel Bilodeau) come across so far, g2c are almost exclusively (Ashkenazic) Jewish, but while g2a can be Jewish (e.g.: Sephardim on the Spanish island of Ibiza) it is said to not always indicate Jewishness (i.e.: if I understand correctly, what characterizes g2a Jews is possession of a particular SNP mutation(i), and that they also share amongst themselves a commonality in that their STR markers differ from the normative patterns expected amongst the majority of g2a(ii)).

On  ysearch, I searched for people whose Y-DNA profile closely matched Dr. Leo & Jim Bilodeau; among the results were two people who showed they belonged to g2a3b1 (one went further and was g2a3b1a); but both of these are, I think, still not specific enough. Jews do fall under g2a3b1, but it is still not anything certain and I would still caution that it is still(statistically) more likely we are not Jewish than that we are. Additionally, I had set the search results filter to accept 1 degree of genetic disparity (similar, but with slight differences in genetic profile) so that Dr. Leo and Jim Bilodeau may themselves notactually be g2a3b1–heck, when I set it to accept search results with 8 degrees of disparity the results contained people with a Haplogroup “N” so I mention the fact that two people with Y-DNA profiles very similar to Dr. Leo and Jim as being “g2a3b1” on an “FYI” basis (or as a trail you may want to follow further).

3. Here are some sites I got info from:


ii. (check out the g2a3b1 section where it is said that one theory for the spread of the P303 mutation was the Radhanite [Merchant] Jews–and that P303’s greatest European concentration occurs on Ibiza, where it is noted that there is a “significant crypto-Jewish population”).

iii. This site has a nice and slightly informative video concerning “Haplogroup G”:

9 Responses to Bilodeau Genetics

  1. Susette Billedeaux Gertsch says:

    this is a great site… and my first time here… I am hoping to discover if I am connected to any lines here.
    Would app

    Gr. Gr. Grandfather – Michel Billedeaux B Feb 1836 Missouri d. D 1888 Ft Benton, Montana USA
    Great grand Father – Francis Xavier Billedeaux B 1859 d. Montana USA
    Grandfather Greeley A. Billedeaux b. Montana d. Seattle, USA

    I cannon find the Billedeaux spelling in France… thus looking for the correct line with likely different spelling

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Chantal Bilodeau Costello says:

    My father Robert Jules Bioldeau was born in Quebec City in April 23 1923. His Father was Adjuture Bilodeau, I know this is not the right spelling but I’m trying. Anyway, my grand father died when my dad Robert was 15 months old.
    I am hoping I can connect to the Bilodeau ancestry from Fance. I do have a family tree started on Please let me know any thing about my ancestors. Thank you Chantal Bilodeau Costello

  3. Daniel Bilodeau says:

    When do you think we will get some answers on whether we are Jewish or not?

  4. Claude Michel Bilodeau says:

    My grand father Cleophas and Marie Leclair where from Ile d’Orlean and lived south of Quebec city at St Gervais.

  5. Susette Billedeaux Gertsch says:

    Have you created any more posts on this line of inquiry?? I am so eager to know something about the church records you mention in New France, the Jewish/spanish connection and so forth. Also I would like to know if there is any link to the Basque people of Southern France and northern spain.

    Looking forward to any reply on this!

  6. Andrew Bilodeau says:

    I just did some genetic testing. I come from the G2A haplogroup on my fathers side. It orgininates from Central Asia the Near East and North Africe. There seems to be alot of relation to southern Europeans (Spanish, Italian etc.)

  7. Tracy Bilodeau says:

    I would like to know if the Bilodeau genetics have any Jewish background, My family on the Bilodeau’s side came from Temiskamin north of NorthBay Ontario.

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