Hi I’m Jim Bilodeau a 40 something MBA with a massive amount of IT experience. I have owned Bilodeau.org for some dozen plus years, and over the years I have used it for many different ideas. I suggest looking at the wayback machine to get a full idea as to all the different ideas over the past years.

Well it’s time to try something new! For years this was the top post in Google for the search Bilodeau, but lets be honest Google is about as dead as Apple, the newest trend is social media and getting people to find you through others not algorithms, so off to the next iteration of Bilodeau.org

This site will remain a site for Bilodeau family history but so much more, it’s going to be filled with all my interests including photography, genealogy, technology, and business.

Well that’s the idea for now, see you on facebook.

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  1. Jean-Claude Bilodeau says:

    Jim about a year ago the Bilodeau Association changed its web site to:
    It is available in English and French and as much as possible its database is updated regularly.
    So everyone is welcome to connect and do research.

    • Jim Bilodeau says:

      Hi Jean-Claude,

      I’ll add it to the links, I’m just finding genealogy has taken a real back seat in most people lives lately. I’m getting very little interest any more. How is it over there?

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