Hello to the friends of www.bilodeau.org.

Jim Bilodeau, site owner here.

I am going to start writing everyone to keep you updated on the site and the Bilodeau reunion plans.

The reason I am just starting to email everyone on a regular basis, is that I did not know how to speak French and many of the fans of the internet site only speak French and I felt bad having to omit them.So I now am learning French and am trying out a new super French translation program so, … Please please, please, if you are French tell me if any of this letter make sense. Thanks!

Now the Good News! First, I have talked to the people at Guinness Book of World Records and the have officially accepted our application to try for the worlds largest family reunion! I put all the details at www.bilodeau.org/reunion/. Second, I am currently a new web programming language called Flash 5. It will be making the web site much more interactive and entertaining so stay tuned new stuff is coming soon!

Questions! Questions! Questions!

I have been asked so many questions. I’ll answer some of the more common ones now.

Question 1: Jim will help me research my Bilodeau genealogy?

Answer : Yes, Absolutely! I love helping people get hooked up to the family genealogy. What I need is information. Send me your name, your parents names and your grandparents names and any other location information. And very important, I need maiden names! It really helps me if I can get the pre-marriage names your mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I will be making a form for this information for the internet site in the next week.

Question 2: Are all the Bilodeau Associations the same?

Answer: No, currently I know of three different family groups. Jacques Bilodeau descendants Association. www.bilodeau.org. Bilodeau Association 2000. http://bilodeau.iquebec.com/bilodeau/ Bilodeau Family Association http://www.genealogie.org/famille/bilodeau/accueil.htm Each Association is separate, and run by different people. I would love to talk to the presidents of each and join all three groups together. So if anyone knows any of the members of the other groups tell them to write me. I have no problem joining all the societies.

Question 3: When will you be adding more stuff to your site? And what will you be adding?

Answer: Lots of things and soon! I will soon be adding interactive maps, more pictures and family histories. New forms for sharing family tree information and new main menu that is a little easier to use. If you have a suggestion of what you would like to see on the site or you have something to put up on the site email me I would love to hear from you!

Question 4: How is the family reunion going?

Answer: Slowly. We need people to help out in Quebec. In order to get the world record we have to have the reunion on one location. That location will be have to be Quebec, for so many reasons I will not mention them all here. So if you would like to volunteer, just to help me gather information about locations in Quebec just to host the reunion that would be great!

Thank you all very much for your support.

Jim Bilodeau jim@bilodeau.org

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