February 15, 2000

Hello fans of the Bilodeau / Billaudeau family site! Jim here, just updating a few pages. Keep watching for new stuff, freebies and contests!

I’m looking for opinions about starting a family tree organization of some sort, with only one condition it MUST BE FREE.

Also, I’ve often wondered if the Bilodeau family have a crest? I have found two crests, both of which seem to have been made by con artists trying to sell books. If we don’t have a family crest lets make one! I want to hold a contest and a vote to see what would be the best family crest to symbolize the Bilodeau family as a whole. Please mail me with your opinions jim@bilodeau.org .

I will be adding more information as time permits, including more histories and more information on the town of Bilodeau, as well as audio history of the first Bilodeau family to come to Alberta. Thanks!

Jim Bilodeau

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