Hello to the friends of www.bilodeau.org

I am writing you all, to fill you in on some of the many things that have happened to me over the last few months. Some great things and some not so great things.

First, the bad news. Some of you noticed that I have not been keeping up the web page’s at bilodeau.org. The reason for this is a the been plagued with computer problems which finally came to a head this week with a complete hard drive failure. I had most of my emails backed up, but I did lose some of my membership emails and all of my survey emails we’re lost, so this is my request to you all.

1. If you did fill out a membership could you please fill it out again, and If you did the family reunion survey could you please do it again (it’s changed slightly)

2. If you did NOT fill out the membership form, please fill it out, the membership is free and I will be sending out a lot of cool things for members! And while your there, make sure to do the family reunion survey, I’d really like to get your opinions!

3. If you know anyone else who is a descendant of Jacque Billaudeau, get them to sign up too! We need lots of members if we are to break the worlds record for family reunions!

Now the Good News! First, I have talked to the people at Guinness Book of World Records and the have officially accepted our application to try for the worlds largest family reunion! I put all the details at www.bilodeau.org/reunion/. Second, I am currently a new web programming language called Flash 4. It will be making the web site much more interactive and entertaining so stay tuned new stuff is coming soon!

Thank you all very much for your support.

Jim Bilodeau

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