George Bilodeau (b.1850) and Merilda (Florida) Pélerin (b. 1861)

George Bilodeau (b.1850) and Merilda (Florida) Pélerin (b. 1861)”History of Beaumont (Alberta) and District 1885-1960″ Copyright 1985

George was born 1850 in Ste-Marie de Beauce, PQ. There were brothers and they remained on a farm in Lac Megantic, PQ In 1878 he married Florida Pilgrim, born en1861, St-Evariste-de-Beauce.

Eight children were born in Quebec, on poor land, covered with rocks. George decided to get lucky in the Klondike. Clara, the youngest, was born in Alberta, they had settled Mill Creek, Edmonton.With the help of Father colonizers in 1906, they bought land at Beaumont. As they had not made a fortune in the Klondike, they took a lease for $10.00. The house, built 6 miles from the village of Beaumont, was in round timbers, floor and roof of earth. The whole family was not going to Mass on Sunday they were so poor the children had to share the pair of shoes with each other. When horses and working oxen pulled the plow and the family walked to the church, women stayed home.

Thomas, Adolphe, Amanda, Josephine, Theophilus, Edgar, Alexander, Lucy, Clara, here are the names of their children.

Poor Florida, she often thought of the comforts of Quebec. Faith, and charity hope, made her strong. George was a school trustee for several years.

Children, one after another, went to work in the neighborhood. The land was very fertile, enough to live well. The oxen disappeared, horses and machinery has replaced hand. They decided to sell their land to Alexander, who was returning from the war. They bought five acres of land south of the church where they grew potatoes which sold well in Edmonton. George died in 1921. Florida Theophilus moved with her son on earth the highest of Beaumont: 2.437 feet.

Florida gave up her soul to God in 1944.
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