A Concession of Land from the Nursing Sisters to his Young Sons

A Concession of Land from the Nursing Sisters to his Young Sons

“Our French Canadian Ancestors”, Book 13, by Thomas J. Laforest.

On 18 July 1677, our ancestor was again at Quebec, this time in the parlor of the convent of the Hotel-Dieu de la Misericorde de Jesus. He was accompanied by his nine year old son Jean. He and his brother Antoine were each to be given a piece of land “on the l’ile de Saint-Laurent formerly called i d’Orleans”. These concessions consisted of three arpents of frontage on the river, with a depth extending to the center of the island. The lands were adjacent. The neighbors were, on one side, Jean Guyon du Buisson, and on the other side, Jean I Premont. The transaction was concluded in each case for an annual rent of 60 sols in silver and three capons. Jeanne-Agnes de Saint-Paul, the mother superior, and Jeanne-Francoise de Saint-Ignace, the treasurer, signed the deeds for the Nursing Sisters; Jean “Billodaux” signed for himself (which is astonishing, because his parents could not write); the bailiff Guillaume Roger land the notary Becquet placed their signatures.

Nearly four years later, on 27 February 1681 (19), Jacques Billaudeau acquired another piece of land with three arpents of frontage from Jean Premont. It was in the neighboring seigneurie of Saint-Francois de Sales d’Argentenay, towards the south side of the river, between the property of his son Jean and that of Claude Lefebvre, his former servant. The said land had been ceded by the Hospitalieres to Francois Daneau in 1675, and it was finally Simon, Jacques’s youngest son who inherited. (20)


(19) Record of Paul Vachon
(20) Instead of Gabriel who died at the age of 20 years

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