Other Contracts made by Jacques and Geneviéve

Other Contracts made by Jacques and Geneviéve

“Our French Canadian Ancestors”, Book 13, by Thomas J. Laforest

Between 1666 and 1708, the name of Jacques Billaudeau was mentioned several times in the records of a few notaries of his time: Romain Becquet, Gilles Rageot, Paul Vachon and Louis Chambalon were those who recorded for him. The nine or ten years when the children were being born and raised were completely silent in the notaries’ records.

On 23 July 1666, Jacques Billaudeau was at Quebec. He had been summoned to the bishop’s residence to conclude an agreement on passage rights of the animals and the maintenance of his part of the lane leading to the mill on the island. It was Messire Jean Dudouyt (18) who welcomed him in the name of ; Msgr de Laval, who was the Seigneur of Beaupre and the Ile d’Orleans. Besides the Abbot Dudouyt, Salomon Allais and Pierre Fauve signed the act as witnesses, with the notary Becquet. As usual, Billaudeau stated that he could not write nor sign his name.

On 5 November 1686, in the absence of her husband, Genevieve Longschamps appeared at the home of the notary Gilles Rageot in order to rent a small house, ten feet by twenty, on the Rue du Sault au Matelot in the lower town of Quebec. This was a transaction between women since the owner, Andre Parant, was a minor and was represented by his mother, Jeanne Badault, wife of Pierre Parant. The house was comprised of two rooms, a small cellar and a small attic, adjoining on one side a man named Lefebvre dit Grand Ville, and on the other, Andre Parant himself. The rent was 75 livres which Genevieve promised to pay in two payments: half in March, the other half at the end of the lease. Louis Bidet, Nicolas Metru and Guillaume Roger signed as witnesses.

Another document drawn up by Louis Chambalon and dated 15 February 1696 reveals that Jacques Billaudeau and his neighbor Jacques Asselin had been the farmers for Francois Berthelot. This was indicated in a farm lease signed between Louis Rouer de Villeray (acting for Berthelot) and Claude Charlan dit Francoeur and his wife. Francois Berthdot had been the first and only legitimate Count de Saint-Laurant (hence the name of the county which is often applied to the island at the end of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the eighteenth). He was commissioner-general of the artillery of France. His domain on the island had four arpents in frontage, and a depth three Steps above the crest of the hill, which forms a type of crescent beneath the place where a water mill has begun to be built.(25)


(18) Jean Dudouyt (1628-1688), administrator of the Séminary of Québec and secretary to the Bishop. He was also Vicar General and Ecclesiastical Superior of the Hôtel Dieu
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