Jacques Billaudeau – The Last Years

Jacques Billaudeau The Last Years

“Our French Canadian Ancestors”, Book 13, by Thomas J. Laforest

Early in the eighteenth century, Jacques and Genevieve knew that they did not have many more years to live. Therefore they decided to give their sons Simon and Antoine the four arpents ceded at Sainte-Famille in 1656 by Charles de Lauson-Charny. The act of donation was signed by notary Etienne Jacob on 7 August 1708.

This was the last document which mentions Jacques Billaudeau during his life time. According to Leon Roy (28), the Billaudeau couple was then probably living at Saint-Francois at the home of their son Simon. It was in this parish that they were both buried; he on 8 February 1712, nearly 80 years old; she on 28 March 1718 at the age of 88, according to the burial records. She had died the day before. A few months after Jacques’s death, Genevieve settled some family business at the home of the notary Chambalon (29).


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