Jacques Billaudeau’s Children

Jacques Billaudeau’s Children

“Our French Canadian Ancestors”, Book 13, by Thomas J. Laforest

Jacques Billaudeau and Genevieve Longschamps had six or seven children. The number is uncertain because of the loss of the majority of their baptismal acts. Godbout and Jette (30) mention seven of them, while Leon Roy (31) is satisfied with five. There were at least six of them: the census takers of 1666 and 1667 agree with the above; the existence of five sons is incontestable; the existence of one of the two Louise’s is less certain

This Louise would be the eldest daughter. She was eight years old when first mentioned in the census of 1666 and ten months in the second (it should read ten years). In 1667, she got back her right as the eldest with eleven years of age. We are unaware of anything more about her, even what became of her. She was not mentioned in 1681.
Jacques, born on 24 December and baptized at Quebec on 31 December 1656; was buried at Montreal on 27 August 1713 (32). His name appears in the censuses of 1666 and 1667. He was not mentioned in 1681: Perhaps he was a coureur des bois that year?
Jean, born at Sainte-Famille about 1658 and buried at Saint-Francois on 3 September 1699. Married at SainteF,amille on 26 October 1682 (contract Vachon, 31 August), to Elisabeth Lehoux (1665-1683), daughter of Jean and of Elisabeth Drugeon, remarried in the same place on 20 November 1684 (contract Vachon, 21 October) to Marie Jahan dit Laviolette (1667-1719), daughter of Jacques and of Marie Ferra (four sons and three daughters). This family settled at Saint-Francois.
Antoine, born at Sainte-Famille about 1659 and buried at Saint-Francois on l December 1732. Married at Sainte-Famille on 13 November 1685 (contract Vachon, 23, October), to Genevieve Turcot (1666-1724), daughter of Abel and of Marie Girou (five sons and six daughters). This family also lived at Saint-Francois. Antoine, who was a militia officer, owned several pieces of land, all of which had a house, team and stable. In his father’s presence in 1693 as witness, he made business contracts with Gervais Baudouin, Gilles Couturier, Francois Frichet and Claude Guyon (33).
Simon, born on the first of May at Sainte-Famille and baptized at Chateau-Richer on 5 May 1662; buried at SaintFrancois on 26 November 1742. Married at Sainte-Famille on 6 June 1689 (contract Vachon, 22 April) to Anne Turcot (1670-1716), daughter of Abel and of Marie Girou (two sons and seven daughters). The family lived at Saint-Francois. Simon had been a captain, second in command in the militia from 1721 to 1726. In the local census of 1725, his land at Sainte-Famille (which he had inherited from his father) had a house, barn, stable and 50 arpents under cultivation. His land at Saint-Francois was still hrger. In 1726, Simon gave an arpent to his son-in-law Francois Langelier on the condition that the latter keep it until his death. He also gave the Church one hundred livres to have prayers said to God for the repose of his soul. (34).
Gabriel, born about 1664; died and was buried at Sainte-Famille on 6 January 1685, at the age of twenty.

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