Another Update

I know there are many family tree people out there waiting for me to post more, or looking for information on Bilodeau Family Tree.

Well I just seem to always put this site on the back burner and it never gets updated, sorry about that, but for the time being here are a bunch of links that can help you!

Well I hope that answers some of your questions, sorry I just kind of hit the limit of what I found interesting on my family tree and kind of lost interest, BUT if you have a specific question feel free to email me at I’m glad to help, but understand there are 15,000+ bilodeau’s it’s unlikely I’ll know where you hook up to the family tree.


Thanks Everyone.


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Family Tree Coming Soon!

Hello World again!

I have received quite a few emails about rebuilding the family tree and I am working on it. I do still have a the family tree raw data with I think 40,000 names, and I am currently working on rebuilding the online family tree with some important changes:

  1. Privacy for those who want it. Many family members were concerned about privacy, and although there were never any incidents that I heard about, I want to keep living individuals information private except to those who are authorized.
  2. Collaboration so everyone can add to the family tree. I’ll be honest the tree is at least a decade out of date. I no longer have the time to add hundreds of new names monthly, but if everyone just added their family and their cousins it could be rebuilt in no time.
  3. Integration with other software. This website is now written with WordPress, it’s easy and fast, but the family tree needs to integrate with WordPress, Facebook and other social media sites. The big issue is if you want to edit the family tree or different parts of the website you should have just one user/password. Last time the site had multiple user/passwords and it was very difficult to manage.
  4. Finally it has to be easy to use.

Now for those of you who are looking for a Bilodeau Family Tree right now Jean-Claude Bilodeau has the biggest one I know. It’s in French and not very user friendly but here it is.

If any one knows of any good examples of a quality working family tree site, please let me know in the comments.


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